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Terms and Conditions for One Ocean Shipping Agency

ONE OCEAN SHIPPING is a company dedicate to the CARRIAGE OF GOODS BY SEA offering the most reliable service direct TURKEY - SPAIN offering short Transit time and connections to Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Balck Sea destinations.

Our terms and conditions cover important aspects such as who can utilize our shipping services, the terms of commercial offers, accepted payment methods, reservation of the right to modify offers, warranties and liability for services and products, intellectual property rights, the right to suspend or cancel an agreement, indemnification, limitation of liability, the right to change terms, preference of legislation and conflict resolution, as well as contact information.

For more details on our terms and conditions, refer to our Help Center.

The explanations and information provided here are for general understanding and examples. It is not legal advice or a recommendation. We advise seeking legal counsel for the understanding and creation of our terms and conditions.

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